It’s New Music Friday, and all over the world brand new records are being released out into the wild. While it’s pretty easy to turn on Spotify or take a look at iTunes and see what big hits are coming out, there are three albums that were released this week that you might never have heard of, but you definitely don’t want to miss.

Get Rich and Live Forever – Zack Mexico

Zack MexicoWho am I listening to? People I grew up with. Seriously. But before you immediately write them off for that, North Carolina has a long and storied history of producing great musicians, and the boys of Zack Mexico are upholding the title well. As far as their sound, I think the tags they put on bandcamp sum them up best: “fuzzy rock epic indie juicy pop psychedelic punk ripe secretssweet North Carolina.”

Why should I listen to this? Look, if you’re someone who hasn’t taken your same Led Zeppelin or Jefferson Airplane album out of the player for the last 20 years, you want to take a break and listen to these guys instead. Their music captures the laid back feel of surf culture while providing a surprisingly well-polished approach to the jam bands of yore.

Where do I get it? You can stream a preview of Get Rich and Live Forever in the same place where you can grab a copy of the album for as little as $5: over on Bandcamp! You can also keep up with new releases and upcoming shows (where physical copies will be available) on the band’s Facebook page.

11pm in Chicago – ClarkAirlines

ClarkAirlinesWho am I listening to? Chicago is my favorite city in the world, and Jarvis Clark—aka ClarkAirlines—represents his city well. Rapping since he was fifteen, he has a clear mastery of both rap and rhymes that’s plenty evident in this mixtape.

Why should I listen to this? The global hip hop scene is huge, and though few ultimately rise to the top outside of that scene there are some true artists outside of what we hear on top 40 radio, and I think that ClarkAirlines is absolutely a contender to watch. Dropped around 11pm on November 11, this latest mixtape flows incredibly well in spite of the clear involvement of multiple different producers and contains more than a few hits ready to go right out the gate.

Where do I get it? You can stream the entire album over on Soundcloud, and when you’re done you can follow ClarkAirlines on Facebook for more tracks and more updates.

Reflexion – The Caulden Road

The Caulden RoadWho am I listening to? At first listen, The Caulden Road sounds like you’re listening to a full music festival circuit band along the lines of Bastille, Walk the Moon, and similar artists. Except that for all of the fullness of the sound, The Caulden Road is made up of just two people: Alan Lastufka and Christian Caldiera, who both bring a world of talent and experience to the table.

Why should I listen to this? If the songs sound slightly familiar, that’s because they are: this EP is actually a complete reimagining of some of The Caulden Road’s early tracks, and it seriously works. If you haven’t heard the originals, you are in for a treat—each of these six songs stands fantastically on its own, and they capture that “turn up your headphones and ignore the world around you” feeling well.

Where do I get it? You can grab a copy on Bandcamp or iTunes for as little as $5, and physical copies are available from DFTBA Records. And, of course, you can keep up with the band on Facebook.

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