Warm weather is just around the corner… even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes with the nonstop winter weather advisories in my part of the world and the fact that it literally started snowing while spring is being celebrated elsewhere. So even though March is still bringing the cold misery, I’m trying to keep all eyes ahead on spring and the kind of music that comes along with it. You know, strolling-around-outdoors-with-a-guitar kind of music. Like the latest single from the LA-based Nick Green and Dave Rosser, who together make up rock and soul duo Nicky Davey.

Nicky Davey’s sound feels a little dated (fitting, since they were just on the most recent Now That’s What I Call Music! — yes, they are still making those, and yes, they’re on like #57) … but that’s not necessarily. They remind me a lot of something I might have heard on the alternative station back in the day, or like they were supposed to be in a boy band but decided to go for a more grown up sound.

Which, I think if you like DNCE, you’re going to like these guys, so there’s that.

“Been Lovin’ You” has been getting stuck in my head plenty and reminds me a lot of when I used to wander around town playing guitar and hanging out with friends, so I’m interested to hear what Nicky Davey has in store for their new EP this spring.

You can check out Nicky Davey’s previous releases or keep an eye out for their new music on iTunes, or follow them on Facebook.

What did you think of this track? Love it? Hate it? Have other recommendations? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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