Ohhhh my gosh, look, I love this new release from James Vincent McMorrow so much that I don’t even want to waste your time with my rambling about it before you listen to it. Seriously. And you know how much I love to hear (see?) myself talk.

James Vincent McMorrow has always impressed me not just as a musician, but as a poet. His lyrics and verses always have a relaxing, careful flow that gives you not just a listening experience but the same feeling of painting a picture in your mind that you get from reading a really good book. “Rising Water” is no exception; even without a proper video to accompany it (for now) other than the lyric video above, we already have a beautiful illustration of a beautiful story and song thanks to the power of imagination… and a really good track.

I really love the upbeat, bouncy feel of this one; I really enjoyed James Vincent McMorrow’s last record, Post Tropical, but “This Old Dark Machine” from his first album remains one of my favorites, largely because of the dark undertones and story paired with an otherwise up-tempo track.

On the flip side, “Rising Water” is certainly an up-tempo and an up-feeling track, which is just gold.

This is the first single off of McMorrow’s forthcoming new record We Move, which was just announced today (!!!) for release at the beginning of September. You can preorder the album directly from James Vincent McMorrow or a number of other sites, and you’ll get “Rising Water” as a free download when you do so.

Oh, and did I mention the man himself is going on tour? Head on over to his website for a full round-up of dates across the UK, Ireland, and (finally!!!) the rest of the world. And be sure to let me know what you think of this track in the comments!

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