It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Watsky, formerly of YouTube “Pale Kid Raps Fast” fame and later known for several really great mixtapes and a couple of beautifully worded albums. Admittedly, I didn’t love his last album as much as I loved Cardboard Castles (which was likely the result of just HOW MUCH I loved Cardboard Castles) but the first official single from his new record, which makes the “Tiny Glowing Screens” tracks from Cardboard Castles into a trilogy, brought me right back to where we left off with that album.

My favorite thing about this track, other than the song itself, is that the video reminds me a lot of several of Watsky’s others, which feels as if it is sort of adding to the ongoing canon of his songs and the stories they tell. We’ve already heard “Stick To Your Guns,” but “Tiny Glowing Screens pt. 3” makes me really curious for what the rest of the new album will sound like, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what else Watsky has in store for us.

You can preorder x Infinity on iTunes, or download “Stick to Your Guns” or”Tiny Glowing Screens pt. 3″ so you can be like me and listen to it on repeat forever!

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