Listen, I’ve talked a little bit about how many great albums are coming out this fall, but it’s recently dawned on me just how many fantastic looking albums are scheduled for release over the next few months, and I thought we all needed to sit down and take a few minutes to really absorb and appreciate how much new music we’re about to be blasted with for the next eight weeks or so.

For those of you that are avid followers of this blog you might already recognize some of these tracks and might already be looking forward to buying some of these, but be sure you check out the whole list because there’s plenty to check out from a variety of genres!

Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Let’s do this!

August 19: Lisa Hannigan – At Swim

Why I’m looking forward to this album: I have loved Lisa Hannigan since she first entered the Irish music scene supporting Damien Rice on his early records and tours, and with each solo album she’s released her sound has become stronger, more beautiful, and more uniquely Lisa. I absolutely loved, loved, loved every single track on Passenger when it was released back in 2011, so I have high hopes for this record. Lisa is famed for her lilting, low voice and dreamy melodies that often evoke a very seaside feeling. From what we’ve heard in her first few tracks, I think we can absolutely expect more of the same from her new release. I’ve already previewed two new tracks here on the blog, but you can listen to the first official single below.

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy from iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from Lisa

August 19: Watsky – x Infinity

Why I’m looking forward to this album: Being honest, Watsky’s last album didn’t do all that much for me, which I mentioned when I shared his latest single. It was alright, but I loved Cardboard Castles so much that it was a lot to stand up to. With the first preview of x Infinity, though, this album really seems like a return to the sound that made me fall in love with Watsky in the first place… just, you know, a little more polished and a little more put together. “Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 3” completes the trilogy with a really strong sound, and everything else we’ve heard from this record already sounds fantastic. Also, we’re getting some brand new featured artists for this album (like JULIA NUNES you already know I love her) so there’s a LOT to be hype about.

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy from iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from Watsky

September 2: James Vincent McMorrow – We Move

Why I’m looking forward to this album: Another entry for the catalog of hypertalented Irish musicians, James Vincent McMorrow’s unique sound made me a fan from the very beginning, but his new album promises a more upbeat, uptempo sound from his previous release back in 2014. The first track from the album is already amazing, and coming from such an incredibly creative artist I am extremely curious about what the new record will sound like. Also, I once had to miss one of JVMM’s concerts due to going to the beach and he replied to my tweet insisting that his shows were like “a beach for the soul” so, you know. That’s always a plus.

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy on iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from James Vincent McMorrow

September 9: clipping. – Splendor & Misery

Why I’m looking forward to this album: Since frontman Daveed Diggs made the world care about Thomas Jefferson in the hit musical Hamilton on Broadway, it’s been anyone’s guess as to how his rap project clipping. would move forward, but it’s clear from the first preview that “Splendor & Misery” is going to hit just as hard as the group’s previous releases. Daveed is one hell of a rapper and poet, and the at times strange and uncomfortable ambiance to clipping.’s tracks creates something altogether completely different from anything else I’ve ever heard. Whether Hamilton made you care about rap for the first time or you’re an old hat looking for a new sound, I am already certain this will be a record you won’t want to miss.


Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy from iTunes or directly from clipping.

September 9: Bastille – Wild World

Why I’m looking forward to this album: Unless you’re new here, you probably already know how much I tried to hate Bastille. And if you are new here, listen: I tried. I tried so hard not to love these guys, but I am complete and utter Bastille fangirl trash. The thing about Bastille, though, is that while some of their tracks are the usual radio hits, others—especially the b sides found on the second disk of Bad Blood are a little bit… weird. Which is what I absolutely love from them, 100%, what I hope we’ll have more of on this new record. There’s a little bit of an 80s feel, a little bit indie pop, and a whole lot of what we already love from Bastille in the first few singles; I’ve shared “Good Grief” below, but you should also head over to YouTube or Spotify to look for “Fake It” too!

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy on iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from Bastille

September 9: The Head and The Heart – Signs of Light

Why I’m looking forward to this album: In this post-Avett Brothers world where hipster folk bands are a dime a dozen, The Head and the Heart has always stood out to me as a leader in the genre, and while it hasn’t been too long since their last release (2013, to be specific) it’s certainly felt like it was about time for some new music. Folk music is a year round treat, but from what we’ve heard already from Signs of Light, it sounds like we are absolutely getting an album with hints of a pretty classic feel and something that’s going to be well suited to watching the leaves change and early sunsets.

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy on iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from The Head and the Heart

September 30: Regina Spektor – Remember Us to Life

Why I’m looking forward to the album: Regina Spektor is one of those artists I’ve drifted away from and back to probably dozens of times; there were a few albums of hers that I didn’t like as well as others, but after What We Saw From The Cheap Seats I was absolutely back in the game and couldn’t wait to see where she went from there. Regina was a bit ahead of her time back in 2004 (!!!!) when Soviet Kitsch began making the rounds; her peculiar vocal techniques and unusual lyrics were something new and strange back then that I feel are now way more at home with what’s popular on the indie scene these days. Now that we’re in a post-“You’ve Got Time”/Orange is the New Black world, it’ll be super interesting to see how Regina’s particular sound comes out in this new album and whether or not we see a few more radio tracks from her than we might have in years past.

Where to buy the album: You can preorder your copy on iTunes or Amazon, or preorder direct from Regina Spektor

How pumped are you to listen to all of this awesome new music??? Is there an album in particular you’re looking forward to hearing? One coming out soon that I’ve missed? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

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