October has been such a great month for music that I can barely contain myself, especially with the mix of great singles and videos that have come out lately. To help kick this week off on the right foot, I’ve collected some of my favorite recently released tracks and videos to help you through the rest of your Monday and get you amped up for the rest of the week.

For fighting the Monday Blues: Bastille’s “Send Them Off”

I have been completely obsessed with this album since it was released, and this track became kind of a sleeper hit for me in the fact that I always forget the track name and then when it come’s on I’m like YEAH, THIS ONE. “Send Them Off!” is Peak Bastille in both sound and in the eerie video, and while it’s a bit of a dark song (like many of the tracks on Wild World) it makes for the perfect Monday anthem and a curious, memorable video you’ll want to watch a few times to make sure you catch everything.

For uplifting new sounds: Liz Loughrey’s “Rise Up!”

Liz Loughrey’s latest single comes at a time when it seems you can’t throw a rock without hitting controversy or something that’s been politically charged, so it’s fitting that the video contains scenes from protests, weddings, celebrations, disasters, and a vision of the world we live in that will fill you with mixed feelings but ultimately make you feel pretty good about where we’re headed. It’s a track that celebrates our ability to come together as people and to stand up for what we believe in, which is a nice reminder that we’re all a part of the same global community.

For romantic feelings: Smiley’s “Indragostit (desi n-am vrut)”

Though this song is recorded in Romanian, the YouTube video features both English captions (thanks to my friends at HaHaHa!) and an absolutely beautiful scene that captures the feeling of falling in love at first sight, whether we want it or are expecting it or not. I’ve been really enjoying Smiley’s offerings so far this year (here’s an English language release!) but this particular track is truly beautiful and I think can sit well at the top of the list of his best songs, and certainly one of his coolest videos.

For your weekly dose of weird: Regina Spektor’s “Small Bill$”

Oh it has been TOO LONG since we had some full on Regina Spektor weirdness, but the animated video for “Small Bill$” brings it and brings it good. I had to watch it several times just to catch all of the little things and nuances in it, and the artistry of it is so well done that it’s hard to look away even for a moment. Though I loved the song already (and the whole album, which I reviewed last week) watching it alongside the beautiful animations and quirky drawings really adds an extra layer to it. Which is weird to think that watching polar bears doing transactions might help me understand the song better, but no one can pull that off like Regina.

For feeling like a badass until Friday: The Weeknd’s “Starboy” ft. Daft Punk

I cannot begin to explain all of the things I love about this video.

I loved the song as soon as I heard it, it felt very Weeknd but also very Daft Punk and while none of us are quite on the same level as our friend Abel here (I assume, maybe I have some hella affluent readers I don’t know about. Call me?) it’s nice to listen to music that makes us at least feel like we might have a totally paid off Maserati in the garage even if we’re still working on paying off our six year old Kia. On top of that, the reinvention motif throughout the video is masterfully executed (ha, get it?) and artfully shot to create something that is effectively more of a short film than a music video. It’s beautiful, the use of color is fantastic, and I for one welcome this new post-haircut Weeknd. I cannot wait for the new album.

What are you listening to this week? Have you seen any amazing music videos that you just have to show off? Share your favorites in the comments, and let me know if you loved any of the ones I’ve shared this week!

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