Uh, so, you guys remember Jamiroquai, right?

Of course you do. I mean, I assume you do. Some of you might be too young to remember their relevance, but let me tell you back in the day we loved some Jamiroquai. Since they haven’t had a new album out since 2010, though, it makes sense that they have kind of faded from our collective memories.

Luckily for, uh, well basically the world at large Jamiroquai is back with this excellent and futuristic-trippy video for their brand new single (!!!) “Automaton.” And I love it, so much.

It kind of makes sense that in this world where Daft Punk is back at the top of the charts (albiet with The Weeknd) that Jamiroquai would rear their strange-80s-scifi-helmeted heads but regardless of the reason or the timing, this track does an excellent job of making you bob your head until you feel like you need to get up and dance right in the middle of the coffee shop you’re in… not that I would know anything about that from experience, shut up.

Luckily for all of us there will be an album of the same name released on March 31, 2017, so we not only get more but we also don’t have much longer to wait for it, either.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of “Automaton” for yourself, you can support Headphone Couture and grab the single or preorder the album from iTunes or Amazon.


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