No matter how much I might love a good bass-pounding rap song or a club remix that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action in Ibiza even though you’re chained to your desk for the next eight hours, I’ve always got a soft spot for folk and Americana sounds with the gentle, simplified guitar patterns and lyrics that always feel like they’re calling you home.

Even though there’s a plethora of folksy artists out there, it’s always a pleasure to discover someone new with a unique sound that fits well in the genre without feeling like something you’ve already heard a thousand times before. For this reason I was pretty excited to learn about Henry Jamison, a Vermont native who’s lilting lyrics and guitar work are reminiscent of a sort of mellow, neo-folk Bob Dylan or John Prine mixed with a sort of Dashboard Confessional-esque poetry. Which, yes, I realize these are big shoes to fill, but he does it well for a burgeoning artist and does not attempt to overstep the classics that came before.

Hailing from Vermont, Henry comes from what seems to be a long, long, long line of poets and storytellers, and it shows in his work. Though he’s yet to release a full-length record, his existing tracks are already well written and well polished, which makes me excited for how his music will develop.

Latest Release: “If You Could Read My Mind,” a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s 1970’s classic.

Other Releases: Henry has an absolutely delightful EP called The Rains available through Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Amazon, which includes my personal favorite track “Dallas Love Field.”

On The Road: Though I have yet to have the opportunity to see Henry live, he’s about to launch a back-to-back tour supporting Lady Lamb on the East Coast and Big Thief on the West Coast. You can find a full list of dates and order tickets through Bandsintown.

Follow Henry Jamison: Need to know more or just want frequent updates? You can find Henry Jamison on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or head on over to

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