HOLY SHIIIIIIT this new single from Imagine Dragons, you guys. If I can be completely honest, in spite of following along since the days of Night Visions, these guys are just one of those bands that I tend to forget about when they don’t have anything new out, but as soon as they do I have to loop it about a thousand and a half times just to be sure of how much I love it. (Which is usually a lot.)

Though Imagine Dragons has a pretty extensive catalog, the songs that made me fall in love with them are the ones with the booming bass and the yell-along lyrics that make you feel like you should be walking slowly away from an explosion, or in a trailer for an HBO show, or something. You know. That kind of thing. Which is convenient, since that’s exactly where this latest single sits on their discography.

According to various hints and rumors it sounds like this is indeed going to be the first track off of an upcoming album, but we unfortunately have no dates or other information yet (ugh, right?) — but you can pick up a digital copy of the single on iTunes or Amazon, if you want to loop it nonstop without having to flip your Spotify into private mode so that no one knows just how many times you’ve listened. (Except Spotify. Spotify always knows.)

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