I’ve already shared my love of ambient music with my recent review of Sohn’s latest album; it’s great for focusing on work since the lyrics are gracefully folded in to the music, the rhythmic patterns are relaxing, and you just get an all around good feeling from it. This latest release from Mammals is absolutely beautiful and hits just the right spots: it’s peaceful, masterfully crafted, and leaves you wanting more as soon as the track ends. Though “Breathe” is actually a cover of an original track by Télépopmusik, (cover songs of electronic tracks exist!! Isn’t that awesome?) it takes what was previously an already enjoyable electronic track and slows it down, giving it an altogether different feel.

Other than the fact that this track is a rework of an existing one, it’s also unique for it’s placement among other previously released singles from DRUG BLVD’s first compilation album, of which they’ve already released two other original tracks: “Just Cut it Out” by ACES and “Reasons” by Astronautica. The album is set to feature artists from around the globe with some truly unique sounds, and will be released on February 17. It’s available for preorder now via Bandcamp and iTunes if you’d like to make sure you get a copy or to preview the tracklist before the release day!

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