It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared any Romanian favorites, but if you’ve been here awhile you might be able to imagine just how excited I was to wake up yesterday and see that there was a new release from one of my favorite rappers in any language, Grasu XXL, featuring none other than Romanian pop favorite Smiley. I’ve had Grasu’s Drumul spre success playing on and off since it first released in 2015, so I was beginning to wonder a little bit when we would see some more from him. This week I got my answer, along with an excellent video that’s fun to watch (even if I do have questions about Smiley’s usual hat-and-sunglasses combo, but you do you, man.)

“Lumea noua” is a pretty topical piece that is not only reflective of the current situation in Romania, but also all over the globe, including things we are currently feeling in the United States. The title translates to “New World” in English, and (according to my subpar-as-usual understanding of the language) touches on how the world has changed and where we are now as a result of it. The curious non-Romanian speakers can get a translation of the lyrics with the help of Google, but otherwise I suggest sitting back and listening and enjoying the fantastic video.

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