Founded in 2017, Headphone Couture’s roots come from earlier music coverage by Manda Collis at Now on a new stage, the goal is to continue sharing as much great music as possible, to continue coverage of the music industry in general, and to provide new and unique discoveries for those with open minds and eclectic tastes spanning a wide range of genres. We aim to provide quality interviews, reviews, and features to make you think and help expand your musical tastes… and we hope you’ll share some of your favorites with us, too!

Though Headphone Couture covers a wide variety of genres with no styles of music off limits, we do tend to prioritize music that we enjoy and can speak positively about. For Manda, this often includes a focus on rap and hip hop, folk and americana, and international music, but may vary wildly from week to week. If you would like to bring your music or a particular artist to our attention, please visit the Contact Page to send us a note.

Who’s Who at Headphone Couture

Manda Collis • Lead Writer / Editor in Chief

Originally from North Carolina where she grew to appreciate local music across a variety of genres, Manda has been making and loving music from a young age. Though her favorite genres are rap, hip hop, modern folk, and electronic, she’ll listen to just about anything at least once and can name at least one favorite artist in just about every genre. When not writing about music, Manda also works as an independent web developer and blogs about life, fashion, and other miscellany at

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Twitter/Instagram: @mandarific

Alan Lastufka • Contributing Writer

A writer, graphic designer, and audiophile, Alan spends most of his day buried deep in his headphones. With a love for all things rock, and a soft spot for 80s and 90s pop, Alan’s massive 3,000 album collection covers a lot of diverse ground. Feel free to use our contact form to ask more technical and industry leaning questions and he’ll do his best to answer them for you.

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Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram: @alandistro