Author: Manda Collis

Album Review: Dispatch’s “America, Location 12”

Can we be real for a minute? When Dispatch announced that they were finished back in 2002, I was heartbroken. They were the soundtrack to so much of my youth (as cheesy as I’m sure that sounds) and I carried them with me all through high school and beyond. Which made it thrilling when they got back together a few years ago, but I still hadn’t made enough time to listen to their last release as much as I should have. Fast forward to today, with the release of America, Location 12 and I have fallen in love all over again....

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New Single: “Lumea noua” – Grasu XXL feat. Smiley

It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared any Romanian favorites, but if you’ve been here awhile you might be able to imagine just how excited I was to wake up yesterday and see that there was a new release from one of my favorite rappers in any language, Grasu XXL, featuring none other than Romanian pop favorite Smiley. I’ve had Grasu’s Drumul spre success playing on and off since it first released in 2015, so I was beginning to wonder a little bit when we would see some more from him. This week I got my answer, along with...

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Album Review: Andrew McMahon’s “Zombies On Broadway”

Andrew McMahon is one of those artists that I’ve been casually following from project to project since I was a teenager in the heyday of real emo music (Piebald, Dashboard, you know, that sort of thing) and just haven’t really given up on. He’s a particularly interesting artist to keep an eye on for a variety of reasons; the first and most obvious being the fact that depending on who you talk to he’s know for completely different groups or solo ventures. Those of us who hung on from the beginning might immediately think of Something Corporate, younger fans might...

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Getting To Know Singer/Songwriter Allman Brown

In the days of digital media and streaming, it’s pretty great that we can follow artists more easily from first single to first album, and for the past few years now Allman Brown has been one of those artists for me. I’ve blogged about him quite a bit, both here and on my personal blog, and it’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to his debut album for awhile. Even more exciting, though, I’m thrilled to say that I was able to have a chat with Allman Brown himself to celebrate the launch of that album today, which I’m sharing with...

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Album Review: Allman Brown’s “1000 Years”

It can often be difficult to fairly review an album when you have heard a large number of the tracks prior to the release, but with Allman Brown’s debut 1000 Years I found that it was a welcome challenge to listen with new ears to discover a collection of music that already included some of my favorite songs. Having been on the scene since 2013-or-so, Allman has already done a solid job of establishing his place among the likes of James Vincent McMorrow, John Smith, and well known contributors to the Irish and English Modern Folk Scene, if there is such...

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