Author: Manda Collis

Five Amazing Artists to Blast on Your Speakers in 2017

Man, the beginning of the year isn’t always ripe with new music since it seems like everyone likes to cram everything into the fall, but boy oh boy do I have a good feeling about this year. Some of my favorite artists are coming out with full-length records in 2017, and some other newly discovered artists I just know are going to make it big. Or, you know, at least they’ll get a lot of play on my personal Spotify account because let’s be real when I find something I like to play it out. (Sorry, neighbors who are probably really...

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Mid-October Music Video Round-Up

October has been such a great month for music that I can barely contain myself, especially with the mix of great singles and videos that have come out lately. To help kick this week off on the right foot, I’ve collected some of my favorite recently released tracks and videos to help you through the rest of your Monday and get you amped up for the rest of the week. For fighting the Monday Blues: Bastille’s “Send Them Off” I have been completely obsessed with this album since it was released, and this track became kind of a sleeper hit for...

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