Here at Headphone Couture, we love supporting the artists, producers, and studios that help provide the soundtracks to our daily lives, the theme songs to our highs and lows, and every other track that makes an impact on who we are as people. While we support and love streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal, the best and most direct way to show love to an artist is to purchase their music for your own personal library.

Below are a list of our favorite online retailers, but we encourage you to pick up hard copies of albums and band merchandise at concerts and festivals or visit your local record store to buy (or even preorder!) your next favorite CD or vinyl, or purchase directly from the artist whenever possible.

As a disclaimer, Headphone Couture is an affiliate of iTunes and Amazon, so purchases made through these links will contribute a small portion of the money you spend toward the upkeep of our site at no extra cost to you.